Xavier Portier
Centre de Recherche sur les Ions,
les matériaux et la photonique
6, Blvd du Maréchal Juin
14050 CAEN Cedex
Phone : +33 (0) 2 31 45 26 57
@ : xavier.portier@ensicaen.fr

Work experience

  • Since September 2006 Professor at l'ENSICAEN (section 28) and member of the CIMAP laboratory since its creation in 2008
  • 2002-2004                    TEM scientist at the Department of Materials (IBM, San Jose, CA)
    • TEM analyses of magnetic spin valves
  • 1999-2006                     Lecturer at the University of Caen
  • 1996-1999                     Post-doc at the Department of Materials (University of Oxford)
    • TEM analyses of microstructure and magnetic domains in ferromagnetic thin films
  • 1992-1995                     Thèse de Doctorat à l'Université de CaenSilicides precipitation in S=25 silicon bicrystal


  • Thin film growth by magnetron sputtering
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy (MET, STEM, HAADF, EDX, EFTEM, EELS)

Scientific activities

  • Studies on transparent conducting oxides (ZnO, Ga2O3, ITO) doped with rare earth elements for optoelectronic applications
  • Microstructure and physical properties relationships


  • More than 110 articles in international journals
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